From the Bottom to the Top


From the Bottom to the Top is one of 6 gardens that The South Garden Project has developed in multiple food deserts in downtown Baton Rouge.

The South Garden Project’s main goal is to “provide fresh food for food deserts in Baton Rouge”

To me, the coolest part of this goal is that they invest countless hours to teach kids who would otherwise have no opportunity to grow their own food how to maintain a garden. These kids get to experience first hand the powerful feeling of planting a seed and watching it grow into something they can take home and share with others.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with these guys for a few weeks now, and the dedication of the volunteers with South Garden has blown me away. The heart these people have for the kids they’re spending time with, the importance of fresh locally grown food, and the desire to teach others what they know is truly inspiring.

South Garden got a grant to develop a cookbook of recipes from the neighborhoods they’re working in and I have had the humbling joy of getting to document these gardens for the cookbook!!

For those who haven’t been able to watch my love for photography transform through the years…this right here is why I love what I do and has been the real passion in my eye behind the lens from day one of picking up a camera.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Fabulous, Claire. I love how you can capture the intensity of a moment.
    I would have to say the upside down kid is a favorite of mine. As well as any pictures of the strawberries. They just look so delightful!

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